Connect with Nature

Tokyo Kodo have combined the ancient olfactory art of Japanese incense appreciation, with the enchantment of French perfume. We look upon our incense as invisible art.


First Collection

Our flagship incense series featuring fragrance techniques where East meets West.

First Collection- our refined incense series that blends the western concoction of fragrances and Japan’s traditional way of aromatic incense.

Fragrance is invisible art. Each whiff of aroma is a meticulously blended with consideration of the spatial movement of the evanescence, sprinkled with our heart and soul.

Classic Series

assing on the tradition of aroma since time immemorial Revising sandalwood with modern sensibilities

Lauded as a gift from nature, the sandalwood has always been treasured by our ancestors for its retention of fragrance over long periods of time, and treated as a miraculous blessing in our lives. The Classic Series reimagines the sandalwood while retaining its traditional essence. We hope to readjust our natural rhythms as humans by acknowledging the beauty of fragrance that has transcended through time and space, like the agarwood and Indian sandalwood. This series stays by you, in a special moment that is truly yours.

Arts&Crafts Series

Order-Made Premium Incense
A Collaboration with Artisans

This series exemplifies our spirit of TOKYO KODO that imagines fragrance as an invisible art. We introduce two types of angelic fragrances- the somberness lingering at formal cleansing ceremonies and the gentle warmth. The fragrance stand is crafted by sculpturist Katsuhiro Akihama with the image of wings, whereas the package design is hand painted by artist Izumi Owada. (Made-to-order)

Seasonal Series

Seasonal Series incenses are made with beautiful natural products to provide you the most refined the scent.


Once-in-a-lifetime chance of fragrance

While living in the south of France in Grasse, I was surrounded by nature. This made me realize that nature gives us strength and allows us to relax. TOKYO KODO aims to use these experiences to create incense fragrance as natural as possible products. The complex nature of natural products creates a way that the fragrance can reach our senses and touch our hearts. By following our beliefs, we are able to create a unique ‘Once in a life time’ fragrance.

Materials from Grasse in the South of France

Grasse in the south of France is considered the world’s perfume capital. In Grasse, Materials are sourced from around the world. These materials are then transformed into sophisticated scents. We use these materials and create beautiful fragrances in our atelier.


We are an Interior Aroma Incense brand that combines traditional Japanese and Western fragrance
techniques. We look upon our incense as invisible art.

PEREZ Chikako

After graduated from Tama Art University Graduate School of Textile Design, she worked at Textile Design Office. She traveled to France in 2012 and graduated from the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, South France, which is said to be the capital of perfume.

PEREZ Geoffrey

Born in Cannes, south of France. Engaged in raw materials department for 13 years at a fragrance company in Grasse.


NAKAHORI Co., LTD. was established as a professional traditional incense company in 1935.
We are a family business located in Tokyo.
We have been in business for three generations.
We hope we can pass the baton on through our fragrances and share them with many people throughout the world.


Our atelier is located in Gunma prefecture, north of Tokyo. We are creating original fragrance and incense samples in our atelier.