Connect with Nature
When you use our incense, you can imagine Nature and Earth... and then, you can feel how nature affects our life.
Invisible things not only nurture our senses, but also increase our sensitivity, and slowly opens up circuits to all of our senses.
Soon after you can feel something has changed and you discover that your heart is gradually becoming like an affluent river.
Materials from Grasse in the South of France
Grasse in the south of France is considered the world’s perfume capital. In Grasse, Materials are sourced from around the world. These materials are then transformed into sophisticated scents. We use these materials and create beautiful fragrances in our atelier.
Our Aim
While living in the south of France in Grasse, I was surrounded by nature. This made me realize that nature gives us strength and allows us to relax. TOKYO KODO aims to use these experiences to create incense fragrance as natural as possible products. The complex nature of natural products creates a way that the fragrance can reach our senses and touch our hearts. By following our beliefs, we are able to create a unique ‘Once in a life time’ fragrance.
We are an Interior Aroma Incense brand that combines traditional Japanese and Western fragrance techniques. We look upon our incense as invisible art.
TOKYO KODO was launched in July 2014, operated by Chikako & Geoffrey PEREZ.
It is a new brand of NAKAHORI CO. LTD.
NAKAHORI CO. LTD. was established as a professional traditional incense company in 1935. We are a family business located in Tokyo. We have been in business for three generations. We hope we can pass the baton on through our fragrances and share them with many people throughout the world.
Our atelier is located in Gunma prefecture, north of Tokyo.
We are creating original fragrance and incense samples in our atelier.