First Collection
Classic Series
Tailor Made
First Collection
1st Collection is a unique concept combining traditional techniques and the ancient olfactory art of Japanese incense appreciation, with the enchantment of the method of French perfume creations. We have created 5 scents with passion that have been influenced since ancient times by cultures from all around the world. These scents have come together in perfect harmony and we look upon our incense as invisible art. Incense creates your own atmosphere…
Classic Series
Aromatic trees are precious gift from nature. Within the same tree, there are various fragrances. In our new collection ‘Classic Series’, we think about people, even from ancient times, whose lives have become enriched through the treasure of fragrances. Aromatic trees were introduced into Japan from India, the Indonesian Peninsula and Southeast Asian countries through Buddhism. We would like to share these beautiful scents beyond time and space with everyone who didn’t know about these magical aromas.
Tailor Made
Chikako PEREZ

I graduated from Tama Art University in Japan and then Grasse Institute of Perfumery located in the south of France, where there is a well known perfume industry. My desire is to cherish and embrace the energy of nature.
I am a perfumer artist specialising in incense fragrances who pays particular attention to natural materials.

Incense ‘ Mimosa ’
Fragrant sachet
kumu tokyo
Fragrant sachet with Japanese paper artist `Chiaki Morita’
Bamboo candles