Fragrant wood
Fragrant wood was introduced with Buddhism. ‘Koh’ fragrant wood is a magical gift from nature which purifies a place and allows you to deeply gaze into your inner self.
Enjoy the traditional art of fragrances
1g Sandalwood
80g Ash
4pcs Charcoal
1 Pincette
1 Spatula

Koh-do, Way of Fragrance, is a form of traditional Japanese fragrant art. We would like to share it even in your everyday life. This set is an easy way to start enjoying fragrant wood and experiencing the wonders of nature. If you don’t have a heatproof container we recommend the gift set which includes a heatproof glass.
2g Sandalwood

2cps Charcoal

Burning time : around 40 minutes
Gift Set
Enjoy the traditional art of fragrances set complete with heat resistant glass container

The glass container "VISION GLASS" is a heat resistant product from India, that creates a unique atmosphere.